"Always got to wash them at their ends."


best friends, 2014

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alvvays = early 2000 teen reality sitcom

black marble = sobriety and awkward dancing

lp1 rightfully deserves all the accolades it receives, lowkey album of the year. I was just going to say its a sonic masterpiece but it makes me sound like a idk

ive had a mixture of a really shit weird al yankovic song and i really nice black sabbath song and theyre fighting each other trying to not coexist

alright princess, see you tomorrow. I feel we are both perpetually fucked

ok!!!! existential hombre!!!

u ok lil joel my man????

my mind is clouded af, stay cool

#hscyalater hahahahahaha CLASSIC

im living across from my hoyse and their dog scratched my eye (no malice involved) so i went to hospital (fun fact: the mater is for christians)